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socal sounds: the swells

You wouldn’t be able to find another band that represents California better than The Swells. This six-piece band uses influences from jazz and many other genres to complete their unique sound. With their use of contemporary lyrics and classic rhythms, they attract a wide variety of fans to their shows, playing a multitude of songs that all carry strong themes of love and passion.

Their eclectic use of saxophones, keyboards, and more sets them aside from other SoCal bands. They integrate surf rock and blues undertones into a few of their songs from their EP, From a Fool. The members, Neil Rawate, Cesar Alas, Cameron Mitchell, Jason Ayala, Wyatt Sayre, and Matty Gregg make up this band from North Hollywood. 

Their newest single, “Come Correct,” displays Carter Ace’s strong, soothing, voice that sets the mood for the song. A personal favorite of mine is “Begging and Pleading,” which showcases acoustic guitars and a clever persistent beat. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for this band at upcoming shows, providing excellent music and a live performances that entertains the audience like no other. There’s no telling what this band will accomplish next with their music so be sure to keep up to date with them. 

Photo by Allyssa Cornier

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