new song saturday: alejandra

Thee Azmatics released their single “Alejandra” on Valentine’s Day. This love song is a brand new side from the band. Thee Azmatics, from Hacienda Heights, CA, are traditionally known for their heavy, Ramones-influenced riffs. Their debut album Breathe This!!! featured tracks like “Pathetic” and “Pity,” which were straight-up punk songs: fast and loud. This new single is a transformation of sound for them, showcasing their softer side.

“Alejandra” seems to draw influence from LA-based bands like The Red Pears and Cosmonauts. It has a driving beat that carries the song-along with soft, sweet lyrics. There is also a harmonized guitar solo that is reminiscent of bands like White Reaper. 

The song’s nostalgic feel makes it a perfect anthem for springtime love. It is personal and heartfelt. The lyrics are intimate, sung barely above a whisper. This song may have come as a surprise for fans of them, because it is not their usual in-your-face, fast-paced punk tune. It shows the maturation of a young band that’s willing to expand their horizons and to keep evolving.

Listen for yourself below:

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