It’s not every day that a band comes striking through with a bold entrance that leaves the entire Los Angeles music scene wondering, “Where the hell did these dudes come from?” But you can stop right there, because The Crudes latest release “W.C.E.L.” can unravel that simple question in just a quick two minute track for you and the world to hear.

The Crudes are a five-piece that come to us from Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles neighborhoods with a ring that doesn’t quite fit into one genre. But that’s exactly what they aim to do – building a diversified repertoire that displays the use of funky R&B riffs with the help of punk-rock tendencies and a hip-hop frame of mind. Embedded into their Hispanic roots, The Crudes display the meaning of repping where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and how you give back to the community all in one. 

The newest track “W.C.E.L.” off their two track project Prolific, which dropped on Valentine’s Day, is in a nutshell a complete west coast classic. Meaning it’s something you might tune into while riding in a 1969 Cadillac Devile – with hydraulics of course – as you cruise down Crenshaw or even Sunset Boulevard on a warm Sunday afternoon. Not hard to imagine with this timelessly thought out track, right? 

The song starts off with a punching hook that repeats with front man Chooch Castro chanting, “West Coast shit down east to the city” while diving right into the chorus that has a classic 90s hip-hop feel that’s clear-cut as it wavers with a repeated keyboard line. The usage of the keys then travel throughout the entirety of the track, which then cuts to a funk inspired rap bar that sets the mood for everything else that’s next to unfold. We’re then forced but more than willing to turn a completely different direction as it momentarily steers us to a guitar solo that shreds with a roaring tone that can almost be compared to something you might hear in bands such as Sublime or the overall feel of the west coast kings N.W.A.

As the song winds down into the finishing touches, it dwindles with a synthy groove all while supplying the elements of pop-funk that seriously can grab anyone to get up and boogie, all while gifting Los Angeles another everlasting hood anthem. The Crudes are on their path to finding fortune in their own way without the help of anything or anyone else, cultivating a look and feel that just can’t be duplicated.

Thankfully, you can listen to their newest single “W.C.E.L.” off Prolific now on Spotify and all music streaming platforms. Keep up to date via their Instagram for news on upcoming shows in Los Angeles and Southern California. 

Listen below:

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