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artist feature: mickey darling

Sometimes you hear a song and you think to yourself “damn this needs to be shared,” and that’s exactly what happened to me when “Reverse Cowgirl” by Mickey Darling showed up on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. I think Spotify has learned that if a song has a weird title, I’ll give it a listenand boy am I glad that I listened to this one because it hits the feels different. If you’ve ever had your emotions played with by a skater boy that cuffs his pants you’ll feel personally attacked by this song but in the best way possible. After hearing the pure genius that is “Reverse Cowgirl,” I had to deep dive into who Mickey Darling is. 

Mickey Darling is the indie pop duo, Skyler Molina and Austin Medrano, from San Antonio, Texas. The two started making music influenced by artists like Boy Pablo, Gus Dapperton and Rex Orange County. Those influences are definitely prevalent in their music, but their music is more like a meme of those artists. All of their songs poke fun at modern romance and how pretentious people are. They released their first single, the iconcily titled “Shia Labeouf,” in late 2018 and ever since then the duo has been pumping out hilarious bedroom pop.  

Another one of my favorite songs is “Peer Pressure”it’s about someone being peer pressured to do drugs just like the title implies, but it’s such a catchy and smooth song. Their more recent songs definitely take on more of that satirical style of love song that made me obsessed with Mickey Darling. “Pity Party” and “Big Sad” are genuinely two of the funniest songs I’ve heard in a long time. The lyrics of “Big Sad” are literally “I’m big sad for you.” It’s genius. 

I could keep ranting about how much I love Mickey Darling but I think that might get repetitive and a little boring. If you like bedroom pop and music that has a little bit of humor to itand also don’t mind feeling just a little attacked—then you should give Mickey Darling a listen.

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