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premiere: california blue by yukkon

Yukkon released his latest single “California Blue” today and it is sure to make you long for the California coast or wherever you find yourself most at peace. “California Blue” offers an easy feel with a groove similar to the sway of the ocean.

Based in the San Fernando Valley, Yukkon writes and produces everything you hear. Though he has grown up playing in different bands, he has been exploring his solo career. His music features the combination of soft vocals, rock sounds, and electronic synths, all coming together to create a laid-back feel and soulful vibe. 

“California Blue” touches on the irony of living in a diverse, scenic masterpiece, but drowning in the fast paced culture of that space. The song was inspired by Yukkon’s own experience living in Los Angeles. Many of us can relate to the feeling.

“We all have points in life when we feel like we’re drowning, whether in work, relationships, day-to-day responsibilities etc., though it’s necessary to remember that you can always turn around from all of that to find a great sunset.” –Yukkon

This track is perfect for taking a moment to step back from the crazy world we live in, and appreciate the beauty that does surround us.

Be on the lookout for more singles before summer and a full album in July. 

Listen to “California Blue” here:

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