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SoCal based band and ALTANGELES favorites The Sweats released their first full length album POP! last week. The Sweats are reigning in on their goal of spearheading an “alt-pop revolution.” Since last writing about The Sweats, the then trio⁠—vocalist and bassist Jakob Cruz, guitarist Anthony De La Rosa, and drummer Zach Cardenas⁠—welcomed keyboardist Gio Borello, deepening their 80s influence with more synth-based tunes, which is clearly heard throughout the record. POP! features seven remastered tracks and two new songs. 

“Medication” and “Nailpolish” are the two new tracks featured on the album. “Reimburse my soul from the fall” is a key lyric in the chorus of “Medication,” a soul-searching anthem about escaping hard times through getting lost in something you love. Guided by groovy riffs and a psychedelic breakdown, this track is bound to get stuck in your head. The track “Nailpolish” shows off The Sweats’ rock roots with heavy guitar and cutting drums combining to convey the breaking of the gender barrier and shedding of toxic masculinity. The song details that defying gender norms goes beyond wearing nail polish and rings, but that society needs to realize that these norms no longer stand.

The other remastered tracks sound crisp as ever with lots of new added reverb, synth-driven rhythms, and an overall revitalized sound paying accurate homage to their named “alt-pop revolution.” The remasterization is heard promptly in “Jealous Hearts” with heavy guitar protruding the introduction of the song stronger than ever. The remastering of these tracks and the addition of two new songs not only show the growth of The Sweats, but show their dedication to their sound. At strange times like this, releasing a debut full length album shows that they are so eager to share their creations with the world to provide happiness and joy to others. It is so important to support The Sweats by streaming POP!. It is such an easy record to turn all the way up and dance to in your bedroom. 

Listen to the full album here:

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