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music video review: pearl mountain

Huntington Beach’s alternative rock group Joynoise released a fan-filled music video for their most popular song “Pearl Mountain” this week. Although the song was released back in 2018, the band thought it would be a good way to get fans involved during the statewide lockdown due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that has been keeping all Californians at home. 

Joynoise posted on their social media asking their fans to send in a video of them singing and dancing to the song. The resulting video is a compilation of people dancing, jumping, moshing, and overall having a great time with friends and their pets while singing along to “Pearl Mountain.” Even San Diego bands Lefties and Sitting on Stacy make an appearance in the video.

Lead singer Koch says that he had the idea for the video when trying to think of ways to keep fans excited when all of their upcoming shows had been cancelled due to the pandemic. “Since everybody is stuck at home right now, I thought it would be fun to bring light to the situation and influence the fans to at least have some fun while alone,” he said, “It also gives fans the opportunity to be a part of a Joynoise audience as opposed to being just the audience.”

Watch the full video here:

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