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new song saturday: suntan

The Boston quartet Model/Actriz has graced us with a new track after a three year writing hiatus with “Suntan.” They are known for their ability to fuse a dance-noise tonality with a punk temper that allows the distinctive character of Model/Actriz to be a beautiful dark atmosphere. It’s one that you just can’t help but sensually crave almost all the damn time; you can even compare them to groups such as Death Grips or Show Me The Body. But the band is not just something you nonchalantly blast on a sunny afternoon, this group pleads for their fans to engage and immerse themselves into the music, especially at their live shows that get hands-on, loud, and personal – all playing a substantial part into who they truly are. It’s more than just music, it’s a full blown experience for anyone who’s willing to try it. 

The band consists of vocalist Cole Haden, drummer Ruben Radlauer, bassist Aaron Shapiro and guitarist Jack Wetmore.

The track “Suntan” plays on the gritty tension of the synth that creeps in as the hook of the song draws us into an exhilarating drum fill – one that pounds in a muscular force. Eventually in the chorus Cole Haden ruptures repeatedly, “As the center is collapsing.” The track itself is murky but it somehow still clenches clean-cut, pulsating elements. 

Everything about “Suntan” makes it easy for us to make sense of what Model/Actriz plans to serve in the next coming months with new projects. Model/Actriz never seems to disappoint as they always deliver; intent to stop us in our tracks and shake us up with their own originality. It’s in their style of eerie dance-punk that’s packaged up into something we can’t help but bang our heads to. It’s easy to say that Model/Actriz have paved their own lane to building a new sound all while rapidly growing their huge fan base. And quite honestly we’re ready to see it blossom into something even bigger than it already is. 

Listen to “Suntan” here:

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