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new song saturday: brutus

The Los Angeles four-piece garage punk band The High Curbs recently released their latest single “Brutus” – a song that carries strong political opinions in a time where it’s needed most. Lead singer and guitarist Eduardo Moreno wrote this fiery song in response to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. This election deeply affected him, his family, and many of his friends resulting in this passion-filled anthem for rebellion. 

The band opens with a quick and catchy drum rhythm and bass riff that quickly descends into chaotic vocals from Ed. While keeping in a similar style to their other songs, “Brutus” takes some influence from surf while swinging back to hard rock and immersing the audience into their own world throughout the track. The impressive guitar solos take the attention off the vocals that slowly begin to build up like the fire inside the band members. The lyrics are sung hastily and with such spirit which adds to the urgency emanating from the drums’ constant beat, adding more energy to each instrumental break. 

The anger heard and felt is straight from the heart of Moreno who is a DACA recipient along with hundreds of thousands of others in California alone. It’s a true last call for help to other citizens to wake up to the reality that dreamers and other immigrants have been facing while the current presidency has been threatening to shut down DACA with hopes that they hear the message and come together to fight against this injustice.

In days of quarantine, it’s songs like this that emit the feeling that live shows give an audience, the songs that make me want to dance in my room and completely rock out. Remember to wash your hands and stay safe.

Check out “Brutus” below: 

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