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new song saturday: reversing your choices

With the quarantine during the past month it’s needless to say that we all might be craving a track that rallies us in a hasty motion to get the hell up and rock out. Something that pounds with a grunge sound, reverb, and lyricism that might relate to the loneliness we’re currently feeling as well. Fortunately for us, the Huntington Beach natives Lacker have done just that with their recent track release “Reversing Your Choices.” They clearly state what it means to immerse a blend of punk-rock sounds with the help of a surf-rock mentality all in one new track. Lacker is made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Gavin Hanshaw, bassist Cole Jack, and drummer Charlie Martin.

“Reversing Your Choices” takes us on a windy ride filled with gushy guitar lines and snappy drum fills that create a rounded fullness to the overall track. The song is loaded with anxiety-ridden punk elements that inspire anyone to get a little insane on the dance floor or make a dive into the mosh pit—a virtual one for the time being at least.

The lyricism throughout the track embodies the restless uneasiness the group endures as Gavin Hanshaw repeatedly shouts, “Please just let me go, I told you I don’t know,” which contrasts the fun bounciness the lead guitar and bass line ring out with. “Reversing Your Choices” is only a four-minute long tune that somehow manages to pack a full load of color in the blink of an eye. 

As Lacker delivers a new mature sound from previous projects, it’s clear that this was created for everything presently happening in the world. But most importantly, it was created just for us. 

You can listen to “Reversing Your Choices” here: 

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