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new song saturday: pulse

“Pulse” is the latest single from punk rock group Belle & The Vertigo Waves from Kansas City, MO. The single release was accompanied by an exciting music video featuring footage of the band performing the song live. The band consists of frontwoman Belle Loux, guitarist John Loux, bassist Jeremiah Scott, and guitarist Zach Nielsen.

The track starts off with a bang with an energetic guitar riff and an upbeat rhythm. The instrumentals drop as Belle’s strong vocals enter the mix, floating over distorted guitar chords and the steady beat of the bass drum, mimicking a pulse as the song would suggest. She sings “when I touch them they feel dead, everybody’s feeling dead,” before the song breaks down for the chorus into a danceable beat with a grooving bassline as she sings that “nothing’s got a pulse.” The song is reminiscent of 90s grunge with a punk rock spirit, emphasized most in Belle’s confident and gritty vocals. The track ends with Belle growling “You look like everybody else in the town, you sound like everybody else in this town.”

The music video captures the electrifying energy of the song, showing the band’s exciting live show accompanied by playful doodles surrounding the band – giving even more life to the video. The video makes you feel as if you’re in the front row for the show and art animations give the video that do-it-yourself punk feel that we all love.

You can listen to “Pulse” here:

Watch the music video here:

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