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music video review: play nice by nah.

For fans of indie bands like Hippo Campus and The Greeting Committee, “Play Nice” by Nah. will be your new favorite song. Nah. is an indie psych band from D.C. signed to Blossöm Records. “Play Nice” was released earlier this year at the end of January, but the band just released a vivid and moving music video to accompany the song this month.

The track begins with a catchy guitar groove and eclectic rhythms which repeat throughout the whole song until the bridge, where the repetition breaks for a bright and bouncy guitar riff. Vocalist Emma Bleker’s voice is passionate and playful, just like the main character in the music video who wanders through her medieval landscape and climbs a tree to catch the stars. 

The music video tells the story of a woman in a colorful, whimsical world, designed and animated by artist Corrinne James. The song exudes an energy of calm and quiet strength which is so perfectly visualized in the video, especially at the end as the heroine becomes one with the stars and the universe.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, “Play Nice” is the best soundtrack.

Watch the video for “Play Nice” here:

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