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music video review: (we’re) alive by argonaut&wasp

Argonaut&wasp released a music video for their brand new single “(We’re) Alive” yesterday. The track is an 80s alt-pop daydream, all taking place in the retro TWA terminal in New York. The video gives off a vintage vibe, with a dreamy color scheme and grainy visuals. The video follows a paper plane flying through the hallways of the terminal, leading the viewer on a nostalgic journey through time as clips from the band’s live shows are transposed over the main video. 

The meaning behind the song came when the band realized they could make their dreams a reality. “This song is a reminder of how lucky we are to be alive. Now with everything that has been going on, this message is more important than ever. There are people coming from all over the world to find a cure and tend to the sick so we can continue on with our own dreams.” I had the chance to ask them a bit about their inspiration for the music video and a bit about the band.


What artists have inspired your sound the most?

The Cure, Lana Del Rey, The Smiths


I love the retro style of the video, how did you decide to shoot the video in the TWA terminal?

We came up with the concept of a paper airplane flying in a continuous loop as a creative, quick video concept to promote the song. Shooting at TWA had been on our minds for a while, we loved the 1960’s design and architecture. Having just come back from touring with only a few days off before flying back out for shows down south, we thought that shooting this video at an airport would fit the song conceptually, and be incredibly convenient. We spent the night at TWA and flew out the next morning. 

We had so much fun shooting with our friends Anthony Santos and Colin Hughes that what was supposed to be a quick promo video turned out to be a full length music video!


Use one word to describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before.



Anything else you want fans to know?

Yes, an extremely unofficial rumor that we would definitely not want to endorse: ALBUM COMING IF THE ‘RONA DON’T KILL OUR VIBE.


Watch the video for “(We’re) Alive” here:

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