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new song saturday: new mexico

With everything going on right now we could all use something good to look forward to. Luckily Southern California based surf garage rock group The Haunts released their third single “New Mexico” just in time to cheer us all up. Like many of The Haunts’ other songs, “New Mexico” starts with a quick paced explosion of sound with the guitar leading us into a sing-songy verse. It’s impressive how much sound this three piece band can create, truly living up to their motto “minimum members, maximum sound.”

The first time I sat down to listen to “New Mexico,” it reminded me a lot of “Float On” by Modest Mouse, with the intricate guitar lead in. There are also traces of other artists like Grouplove and The Growlers in the mix as well. The lead singer Max Collier’s smooth voice carries over the guitar and drums so well, making the song great for some easy listening. Something I love about The Haunts is their blending of genres; is it alternative? Surf rock? Who knows, either way it’s always a crowd-pleaser that everyone can get on board with. 

Listening to this song reminds me of going to their shows. I believe The Haunts have played this song live before and every time I hear it now it makes me miss those times. It’s a perfect summertime song that makes you want to run around and dance with your friends. There’s something about a Haunts set that makes you unable to stand still – maybe it’s the positive energy from the band or maybe it’s the easy to listen to music they play. Either way, as soon as this quarantine stuff is over, The Haunts will definitely be at the top of the list to see this single played live. 

Listen to “New Mexico” here:

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