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interview: hockey dad

Australian garage rock band Hockey Dad are set to release their third album Brain Candy this summer. I had the chance to ask lead singer Zach Stephenson about his friendship with drummer Billy Fleming, shooting the music video for “Itch,” and his dream band to tour with.


Who are your biggest musical influences on your sound?

Zach: Early on in the band we used to draw a lot of sound from 60s garage bands we loved like The Sonics or The Remains. Our sound now I think is really influenced by bands like The Stones, You am I and pavement.


What is your songwriting process like? Has it changed throughout the years?

Yeah, it has changed a bit over the years. At first we would just get into a room and jam out a song in one session. I’ve been writing at home on my computer more recently so a lot of songs are coming together that way. We still get together and finish those computer songs together so we keep that live, energetic element in the songwriting process.


How does your friendship and growing up together affect your dynamic as a band?

It’s hard to say because we haven’t really been in any other bands without each other. I think it makes it easy for us to communicate whether it be writing or just hanging out as friends. We can be honest and sometimes blunt with each other, but that helps in the long run.


Do band-related issues ever affect the friendship? 

Nah, I don’t think so.


Where did the inspiration for the “Itch” music video come from?

The idea for the video actually came from the director Laban. We loved the idea of an 80s cheesy zombie movie and couldn’t wait to get into character.


What’s your favourite song off Brain Candy, or the one you’re most excited to release?

I think my favourite song on the album is “Good Eye.” It brings back good memories of a tour we did a couple of years ago around the US with Cold Fronts and Mt. Eddy (now known as Ultra Q).


What artists have you been listening to recently?

The Garden, Elvis, Parquet Courts, Loretta Lynn.


If you were in a cover band, what band would you cover and what would you call the band? 

Probably would have to be a Rolling Stones cover band and we would be called The Tumblin’ Dice.


What’s the best and worst parts of being on tour? 

The best part is playing the shows and meeting different people from all over the world. The worst part is airports, visas, customs, waiting.


If you could tour with any band, who would you want to tour with? 

I want to tour with Twin Peaks! They are absolute legends and their live shows are on fire. Would love to hit the road for a month with them and witness that well-oiled machine go to work every night.


Anything else you want to let the ALTANGELES readers know? 

We have a new single called “In This State” you should check out! Also our third album Brain Candy is released on July 31st!


Watch the video for “In This State” here:

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