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Australian four-piece Mylk creates melodic and punk-influenced indie rock in their hometown of Melbourne. The band has released five songs since 2017 with their most recent single “Not Your Fault” racking up almost 70,000 streams on Spotify. I had the chance to ask them a bit about their biggest inspirations and the Melbourne scene.


Tell us a bit about how Mylk started.

Mylk started quite suddenly actually, our lead singer had a solo gig, and thought it would be fun to try and get a band together for that gig. Within a week Mylk had formed and played their first gig, and the rest is history!


What artists inspired Mylk’s sound?

We feel that we draw influence from so many different artists, and would have to say that The Pixies and Kings of Leon really influenced our sound early on. All of the band have an eclectic taste in music, so we find that we all draw inspiration from such a wide range of artists, and we find that it helps us to keep thinking of new ideas and keep us on our toes!


What is your favorite song you’ve released so far?

All of the songs we have released so far have different meanings and backstories, so it’s hard to pick a favourite when we all have different memories from each! We do love playing I Want You live, and had an absolute blast making the music video for that track however.


Where does the name “Mylk” come from?

Milky is actually our lead singer’s nickname, and we thought that it would be a catchy band name if we just took the “Y” off the end of the word, and used it to replace the “I”. One succinct word that makes people think “What is a Mylk?”


What is your songwriting process like?

Usually we write songs by either having a complete instrumental track already and then using the mood and texture of that instrumental as inspiration for lyrics or a story, or we have a certain theme in our heads that we would like to write a song about and the lyrics come first, with the instrumentation coming after. The most important thing in songwriting is to enjoy it and to make it as truthful and honest as you can, no matter the subject matter. An audience can always tell if something isn’t genuine and will be more engaged with a song if they feel that it is coming from a real place.


If you could tour with any artist, who would you love to tour with?

Who wouldn’t want to tour with Wu-Tang?


If Mylk was a cover band, what band would you cover and what would you call the band?

To keep in the theme, we would cover Milky Chance, and be called Mylky Guarantee.


How would you describe the music scene in Melbourne?

The music scene in Melbourne is absolutely thriving. There are so many different and talented acts coming out of Melbourne, and pre-virus, there was definitely no lack of gigs that you could go and see, any day of the week. Melbourne is really special for music, and there are so many opportunities for upcoming artists in this city. We feel very lucky to be able to live here.


What bands and artists have you been listening to lately?

We have recently come across Kevin Krauter, their music is unreal. They released an album earlier this year, and it’s some of the coolest music we have heard in a while.


Use one word to describe Mylk to someone who has never heard your music before. 



Anything else you want the ALTANGELES readers to know?

Keep an eye on our socials, we have new music coming very very soon. Thanks for all the support!


Follow Mylk on Instagram here and listen below:

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