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new song saturday: rain song / problem

Los Angeles shoegaze group Alms just released “Rain Song” along with b-side “Problem.” This is the group’s first release following the release of their debut album Dogpile last year. Both tracks were recorded by Franky Flowers and the intricate album art was designed by AJ Kahn. Before live shows were put on hold, Alms was playing shows around Los Angeles with artists like Draag and Cryogeyser.

“Rain Song” starts off with a bangclashing cymbals and a brassy guitar riff, almost mimicking a horn section. Singer Roman Zangari’s mellow voice floats over the melodic guitar and surfy rhythm until the chorus. He repeats “I hear you call my name, it sounds just like the rain” with the bright guitar line mimicking the melody throughout the chorus.

B-side “Problem” was originally written to be a part of their debut album Dogpile, released last fall. This track is much more mellow than many of the group’s other songs, but still holds that same moody tone. “Problem” is breezy, the perfect listen for a lazy summer day. The swaying rhythm gives you the feeling of floating.

Both tracks are the perfect addition to any summer playlist, especially now that the weather is getting even sunnier. Stream both tracks below:

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