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new song saturday: flowers

Written about a writing session gone wrong, Troi Irons new track “Flowers” is full of energy and emotion. Irons details a bit about her experience collaborating with a self-absorbed guy on her Instagram post announcing the release of the track: “An hour into it, I told him I had to move my car but instead I drove home.” 

“Flowers” is the title track of Irons’ upcoming sophomore album – which Irons’ told American Songwriter is “a meditation on femininity” and Irons’ efforts to reclaim it for herself. A true creative, Irons produces and writes all of her own music, as well as directing and shooting all her own visuals.

The song begins with a playful, dreamy sound before switching the tone, singing “Self absorbed, piece of shit, think I’m over it / You’re full of mouth, out of ear, think I’m out of here.” The track then takes a turn to a guitar-driven, distorted breakdown. Irons’ voice is full of passion and power, showing off her clear vocal talent. A guitar solo breaks the distortion about halfway through the track, cutting clear through background fuzz. “Flowers” ends just as it begins, with the dreamy melody repeating “Think of all the noise we could be making in my bedroom / Think of all the choices we could make,” ending perfectly with a spoken clip stating, for the record, she hates flowers.

Stream “Flowers” here:

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