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ep review: house parties

If you can dare to imagine the ‘indie-rock gods’ somehow managing to distribute an all new project injected with angst, devotion, lust, and a smidge of nostalgic tension, then you without a doubt have landed upon the all new EP from South Trees titled House Parties. It’s a blissful party in it’s own rightsomething that screams with emotion yet silent with their ease of production. South Trees is a three-piece that masters the use of lo-fi tones yet accomplish a surf-rock consistency throughout their entire discography. It’s a noticeable factor and one you can’t tune away from.

South Trees hail from La Puente, California and consist of Aaron, Michael, and Martin who birthed the project one late night after a Wallows show. Knowing they wanted to create their own project but possess similar qualities, the guys have done that precisely. 

The EP titled House Parties takes us on a quick and compelling rideonly filled with six tracks and lasting seventeen minutes. Even with the length being short, the group administers a dazzling feel that almost lasts an eternity. “House Parties” opens the EP with a rapid sense of urgency, as the twangy guitar lines create the opening statement. Aaron’s vocals allow for a reverberated tone with his use of a lower register on vocals that’s almost reminiscent of artists such as Surf Curse and Enjoy. It then slides into “Best Friends” that has the same tonality with gushy guitar lines and crisp vocals that can be deemed as a surf-rock sensation.

The next track “Whatever” takes a different turn as it grounds a more mellow lo-fi tang to the project while also drenched in dream-pop guitar flavoring. We are then turned to “Karen Filippelli” which is a full-blown ode for the group’s lust to the character Karen, a sales representative at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin in the beloved hit show “The Office.” It’s pounded with wavering guitar lines and a forceful sense of urgency from the drums. The lyrics scorch through, “Said its painful, lies aren’t grateful, times are sparing life from Karen.” It’s an honest picture of how South Trees want to be seen with this specific track, and that’s to build their repertoire of classic pop-rock anthems.

Last but not least, we are then dropped off with “Forever” and “Ghosts” as the finishing touches of the EP. They both replicate a powerful punch of garage-rock meets pop, that almost last forever as classics. “Ghosts” gradually crescendos into distorted guitar lines with a driving force from the bass groove and a little help of the repetitive drum pattern used throughout the track, which in turn manifests into a glossy finish. 

House Parties is an EP that can fill hearts with emotion and tenderness and still manage to perfect a balance in the overall flow of musicianship. It is easily a project that will have anyone ready to reminisce on past memories that spark emotions filled with pleasure. Whatever it is, it will surely be your next favorite thing. 

Listen to House Parties here: 

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