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interview: same side

Same Side is the project of Kevin Geyer of The Story So Far and Elder Brother – who released his self-titled debut EP today, which he recorded with producer Sam Pura at Panda Records. The EP is dreamy and melodic, with a mellow indie rock sound that radiates an ethereal yet emotional vibe. We asked him a few  questions about the recording process, his inspiration for the new songs, and how he’s been spending time in quarantine.


What made you want to start this solo project?

I had a handful of tracks that I had been sitting on for a while that didn’t really fit with my other projects. So when I had a few vocal ideas I decided I’d try taking a stab at it.


How have the writing processes differed for Same Side in comparison to your other bands? Is it more enjoyable or is there more pressure?

These songs came together almost on accident, as opposed to my other bands where the songs have usually been written with intention to have a certain sound. I’d say that writing is enjoyable for all the bands I’m in but it’s definitely less pressure when there’s no preconceived notion of what it should sound like, and I only have my own opinion to consider.


How was creating solo, more mellow tracks different than previous albums you have contributed to?

Almost every album I’ve been a part of has had mellow elements to it. I’ve always gravitated toward mellower music so I guess it’s just what happened naturally.


Where do you find inspiration for writing music?

It’s a pretty slow process for me. Instrumentals will usually come together pretty quickly when I’m feeling inspired. However, vocals have always been hard for me to write and it usually takes a while to finish a song that I feel good about.


Working with a producer and label that you have previously worked with, how was the recording process different?

It wasn’t very different at all. Sam Pura and I recorded these songs between sessions working on the last TSSF record. We know each other well so the workflow was pretty effortless. Pure Noise has always been really accommodating and will put out pretty much anything we do, I couldn’t be more grateful.


What was the process like creating the EP? Did it all just come together after a few sessions or was it a gradual process?

I had been working on demos on my own for a while before I felt like they were good enough to record for real. By the time we were in the studio, it all got done pretty quickly.


What was it like playing all the different instruments?

I can definitely fake my way through playing bass and drums, but I think the credit goes to Sam for making it sound like an actual song.


What’s your favorite track off the EP?

My favorite track is probably “Fall Back In Again.” Sam did some really cool mixing on the vocals and the vibe really came together around that.


What artists or albums have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been pretty into Elliot Smith and Wilco lately. Also really into the new Andy Shauf and Tame Impala records.


If you were to start a cover band, what band would you cover and what would you call the band?

My friend Morgan and I have always talked about starting a band called Skulltula that does really slow/heavy covers of the soundtrack of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


What do you do when you’re not working on music? Any new quarantine hobbies?

I take a lot of long walks up in Griffith Park. Otherwise, a whole lot of nothing.


Follow Same Side on Instagram here and listen to his debut EP below:


Photo by Eric Soucy

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