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new song saturday: something about that girl

New track “Something About That Girl” gives listeners an insight of what is on deck for The Blind Owls. Hailing from Corpus Christi, this rock n’ roll band is currently working on a new LP. This latest release illustrates the indication of growth and development since the band’s formation in 2015. 

“Something About That Girl” really dives deep into the band’s influence from the 1960s. The classic rock influence is clearly evident and heard through the guitar riffs and rhythms portrayed in their new track. The vocals provide an energetic feel that, as imaginable, is reciprocated during The Blind Owls’ live performance. 

The yearning and longing felt in the vocals of “Something About That Girl” really portrays to the listener that there is something intriguing about the girl of interest. Stream “Something About That Girl” and support The Blind Owls. The band’s tour was cancelled due to the current situation of the world – so keep supporting small bands, musicians, and artists!

Listen below:

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