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ep review: not feeling human

Alternative Rock trio It’s Butter released their latest EP Not Feeling Human on June 5th. The Los Angeles based band has a refreshing sound, incorporating jazz, funk, and punk elements to create something entirely new. Passionate about making happy music for anxious people, they often combine joyful sounding chords with complex lyrics. However, no song sounds the same. They are not afraid to experiment, and leave you in awe of their musical ability. 

Not Feeling Human maintains a positive sound while the lyrics discuss heavy topics such as mental health, introspection, and self acceptance. Though it is only four songs long, the content is thought provoking and relatable to anyone who experiences these things.

The EP opens with the upbeat, high energy track “Can’t Be Too Hard on Myself.” It is hard to resist the urge to dance or bang your head to this song. It seems like a complete release of pent up frustrations and emotions. Lead singer and guitarist, Britta Raci, recognizes the highs and lows that come with facing mental health. Some days are good, and some days you can overthink and beat yourself up. She encourages us to recognize and rejoice in the progress that we’ve made, introducing the major theme of learning how to love oneself.

Soft, playful vocals mixed with a cool staccato beat gives “Drugs” a light hearted feel, but don’t be deceived. This song discusses the dangerous reality of resorting to drugs “to feel good inside.” The psychedelic guitar in the groovy instrumental emulates the false feeling of happiness drugs can give. The track exposes the difficulty in letting that go, even if you desire to stop. 

The next song “Note To Self” feels like a free flow of consciousness. The melody guides the rest of the music, allowing the sound to go in any direction at any pointmuch like any thought process. It starts mellow and dreamy, but picks up into a full force of honest emotion. Raci continually asks herself, “Do you have love for me?” As the song builds she ultimately belts, “I need to focus on myself.” The intricate sound of this track reflects the journey of coming to terms with the necessity to stop worrying about everyone else and heal yourself. This perfectly sets up the last track.

“Too Fast” has a smooth, swinging groove. The track addresses the struggle of moving forward when “your heart’s not fine.” It ties the whole EP together, highlighting exactly what this EP may inspire you to docheck your mental health before moving forward and things get worse. The final track features a solo from Johnnie Gilmore on bass and closes with a drum solo from Diego Patino, giving the EP a sort of grand finale. 

Not Feeling Human is a dense work of art. Go check it out on all platforms now:

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