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new song saturday: easy, fire

“Easy, Fire” is the debut single from Charlie Havenick, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Havenick is also part of the local jazz-inspired duo The Stamp Collection in addition to her new solo project. She is a dynamic artist and multi-instrumentalist, playing every instrument on the single.

The track starts off as a breezy, lighthearted tune although the lyrics draw inspiration from the many fires that have broken out around UCLA, where Havenick studies. Though the song speaks of mansions burning down, the song carries a hopeful tone of a love song with an almost spoken style of vocals similar to artists like Courtney Barnett.

The track slows as Havenick sings “And a year from now, all will be soothed over / but a year from now, time falls like burning embers.” Complete with a guitar and a saxophone solo, the song picks up into a lively clash of sounds—showcasing Havenick’s range as an artist as she draws influences from jazz and surf rock.

Listen to “Easy, Fire” here:

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