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ep review + music video premiere: when i was a wallflower

For fans of Wallows and Current Joys, Floral Sounds’ debut EP When I Was A Wallflower will be your new favorite project. Floral Sounds is the lo-fi indie project of 18-year-old musician Gabe Beckles from Cincinnati. The 3-track EP is inspired by post-punk and dream pop sounds that give the whole work a sense of nostalgia from reminiscing in your youth. When I Was A Wallflower was released on Spirit Goth’s net label, birthdiy, on June 26th.

The first track “Beach Ghost” carries an indie rock tone with a surf-inspired riff and driving bassline. Beckles’ mellow vocals float above the instrumentals and contrast with the upbeat nature of the track. This song’s sound in particular is reminiscent of artists like Day Wave and Beach Fossils because of the overall chill indie vibes the song radiates.

Next is “Prom Queen,” which kicks off with an isolated bass line before the drums kick in. The track is melodic and rhythmic at the same time, creating a catchy tune that’s bound to get stuck in your head. Beckles repeats “I pledge my life to prom queens,” which makes the song seem perfect to play in a coming-of-age movie during the main characters’ senior prom. 

In fact, Beckles finds lots of inspiration for his music from film – especially from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” which he watched the night before he began writing. “I would play movies on my VCR with the volume down and just let what I was seeing influence what I was writing,” he said.

The last track “City Lights,” featuring Ariel Mars, is the perfect close to the short EP. A perfectly simple love song, “City Lights” is romantic and hopeful. Ariel Mars’ ethereal vocals contrast with Beckles’ lower voice – creating a beautiful juxtaposition throughout the song. The track almost puts how butterflies in your stomach feels into music. 

Floral Sounds released the DIY music video for “City Lights” today as well, which consists of home-video style clips of driving around the suburbs and rollerskating with friends. The visuals perfectly capture that retro, coming-of-age feel, with the track serving as the soundtrack to these teen memories.

Watch the new music video for “City Lights” here:

Listen to When I Was A Wallflower here:

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