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new song saturday: stress

Sure, most DIY bands fall into a restricted category regarding genre and when it comes to describing the groups overall discography. But once in a blue moon, you can unexpectedly stumble across a band that can be distinguished as more than just a few genres, with no definitive genre whatsoever. Beach Bums time and time again frame what it means to be the clear-cut (or in better terms, grunge-cut) definition of genre-bending to any form of music and away from any previous notions of what you might think DIY means—and that’s to create your own genre and attitude people can in some way connect to regardless of the sound. 

Beach Bums are a three piece based out of Los Angeles who have been releasing music since 2015, yet have been in the music community with shows way before their first EP titled “Lucid Dream” was released—which birthed the hit track “Fah Q” with over 500,000 streams on Spotify. Although Beach Bums aren’t about the numbers, their live shows do the talking with sold out venues, packed backyards, hefty lineups, and larger than life mosh pits to the point of sweat lingering in the air of the building.

With the release of their new track “Stress” on all music platforms as of Friday under Lolipop Records, it’s already gained a steady flow of recognition. Beach Bums previously shared the new track onto BandCamp two weeks prior with a compilation of past tracks for fans to enjoy while donating any amount to have 100% of the profits split amongst five different GoFundMe fundraisers. These included COVID-19 Musicians Aid by Corpus, Los Angeles Small Business Relief Fund, Bay Area Bail Fund, and the Free Erick From ICE Detention fund. Amending the notion that even through a global crisis and an anti-racist revolution, artists can still do their part buy directing revenue from the streams to benefit the communities in need. 

“Stress” is the new single out of the Beach Bums vault that creates the perfect ode of what the masses have been feeling during the pandemic or on a larger scale, with mental health. The short two minute track is a change of pace from the grunge-rock feel Beach Bums might produce. Entrancing the listeners to a blend reminiscent of pop and trap undertones while still delicately combining the gritty rawness you could only get from the band themselves. Starting the track with lyrics, “All this grinding got me stressed out, I wanna hide, I wanna check out. Eyes so low like a burnout” that eases the song into the melody of a classic 808 hook. It’s a “generic” trap beat, but flipped to create a tasteful cyberpunk mood that anyone can get behind even if you’ve never heard anything like it before. 

Lastly, the track emphasizes that no matter where we are or what we do, we can easily be burned out by the common modalities of life. But through it all, we will persevere. 

“Stress” is now out on all streaming platforms, you can also catch the new music video on YouTube here: 

Listen here:

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