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music video review: jura by not from england

Los Angeles’ indie rock group Not From England surprised fans in early June by releasing their song “Jura” and shortly after, the music video for the song. Like their other hits, such as “Tax Day” or “Stuck Up,” this song features guitars that melt together to create one great flow of music and drums that make a toe-tapping beat.

With the first lyric, “I’m starting to lose my mind,” and the music video being a collage of all the band members playing from their homes, it reflects the band’s situation due to the pandemic and how they are trying to make the best of it. The editing style makes you feel as if you’re actually watching a live performance. The quick cuts back and forth between the members of the band capture that. 

“Jura” is an example of a song that came out at the right time—when people need it the most. It is an upbeat, catchy song to add to that quarantine playlist and carry on the show from your bedroom.  

Watch the full video here:







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