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our statement regarding the state of the scene and sexual abuse

As more survivors come forward with stories about bands in the California scene, especially those associated with Burger Records, we want to make it clear that we do not tolerate abusive and predatory behavior. It’s clear that there is a huge shift happening in our music scene, thanks to the many brave survivors who have come forward to hold these people accountable. We stand with these survivors and will do our part to continue making the scene safe for everyone of all identities. We are here to support survivors 100%.

That being said, we are doing our best to keep up with allegations and remove all content that we have ever shared in support of the bands involved. I have been overwhelmed and disappointed learning about what the artists I have loved and supported for years have done to harm others. As a young woman in music, it breaks my heart to learn about just how many girls have been taken advantage of by the very people they look up to. These stories are the reason why young womxn and girls are afraid to go to shows: many of us know that these predators exist and will do what they can to take advantage of us.

While it’s hard to deal with the disappointment of learning that so many bands in the scene have engaged in predatory behavior and it’s easy to give up hope, what’s happening now will make the scene safer than ever for everyone. These past few weeks have shown us that real change is being made. The new generation of music lovers will not tolerate abusive behavior and we will rally behind survivors and hold those we invite into these creative spaces accountable. Folx should be able to enjoy music without having to worry about their safety. We all should be able to go to a show and leave with lifelong memories and not lifelong trauma.

We have created a page of resources for survivors and information regarding these allegations at altangeles.com/keep-the-scene-safe. We will continue to find ways to support everyone in our community. We always want our shows and events to be a safe place for everyone. Our DMs are always open and we encourage anyone to let us know if we are supporting any bands, artists, labels, etc. with allegations. We will always believe survivors.

-Donna and the ALTANGELES team

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