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music video premiere: dream daze by buddha trixie

San Diego’s psych rock group Buddha Trixie released the highly anticipated music video for “Dream Daze” today. Fans have been awaiting the video’s release since the release of the single almost a year ago in September 2019, and it does not disappoint.

Just as the track suggests, the video shows singer Daniel Cole slipping in and out of a dreamlike state–represented by the playful animations he finds himself in once falling asleep. The lyrical frustration with feeling trapped in our everyday life is perfectly shown as the band switches between the opportunistic dream world and a dazed reality, something we can all relate to while stuck at home these past few months. The energy of the track is perfectly encapsulated throughout the video–transporting the viewer into Buddha Trixie’s very own dream daze.

The video was directed by guitarist Andrew Harris’ brother Mitchell Harris, who produced the band’s first EP and directed the video for their track “Be There.” He is the artist behind the video–hand drawing each frame of the animation on an iPad and syncing it to the track to create the psychedelic visuals you can watch in the full video here:

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