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new song saturday: the hook

It’s the classic story of school friends turned bandmates. NONEWFRIENDS. quickly started to gain traction in the Syracuse DIY scene becoming a staple band for students in the area in 2018. The band consists of five members Liz Stuart on lead vocals, Jack Harrington on bass, Scott Greenblatt on keys, Jackson Siporin on sax, and Jared Alvarez on drums. Their shows are known for being intimate and energetic, full of singalongs and dancing. 

Their sound is a fun mix of R&B, pop, and soul with influences from Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and Rex Orange County. Their debut single “Already Gone” released in 2019 has gotten over 85k streams and they’re currently working on releasing an EP. Until then NONEWFRIENDS. has released their second single “The Hook.”

This single leads in with a great sax riff that builds into the full band sound that makes fans fall in love with NONEWFRIENDS. I can really see the Rex Orange County influence in the use of the full band instrumentals mix with R&B lyrics and flow. It makes the track groovy–when we’re all allowed to go to shows again I can imagine the whole crowd swaying to this dancy song. The best way I can describe Liz Stuart’s vocals are jazzy, they’re warm and soothing even when singing a song about letting something go that’s not good for you because in her words “I don’t need your shit anymore” (which is a message I can totally get behind.) Going through a break up? This song’s got you. Going through a breakup that wasn’t ever an official relationship? This song’s really got you.

This groovy band reminds of a band you’d see at a cool artsy house show that can be kind of intimidating but ends up being a great night. Their big warm sound is something that anyone would enjoy listening to. If this single is a taste of what’s to come on the EP, we should all be keeping an eye out for it’s release.

Listen to “The Hook” here:

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