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LA-based duo More proves the expression is indeed “a glass half full” with their debut EP titled 1/2. A chance happening–not too far off from the ever-famous Neil Young and Stephen Stills Sunset strip rendezvous–thrusted together Kane Ritchotte and Malcom McRae resulting in the creation of a wholly unique musical pair. Released on July 17th, 1/2 serves up five tracks that — please excuse the terrible pun — leave listeners wanting more. 

Snapshots fly in from all across the musical spectrum in this work, shining light on influences of the old with elements of the new. The dramatic sensation carried through the whole EP flips the switch on the mellow and casual sound that has dominated the LA scene in recent years. A full plate of sound ebbs and flows throughout the EP and provides a thick display of layers to pick apart in each piece.

Diving into the first track, “Settled In,” we immediately get thrown into a heart-wrenching tale of the pains of facing the person who is with the one you love. Explosive and melancholy, “Settled In” hints at the eruptive nature of Son Lux with the sweet sadness of Colin Blunstone, but in a whole other realm of its own. “God’s in the Details” comes up next and the duo really used the mixing board to their favor on this one to achieve an unabridged sound with so much to appreciate that it takes a few listens to unpack. This track’s layout is bound to excite with textured guitar to add a crunch to the ethereal falsetto, proving to be a definite strong point on the EP. 

The third track “Elaborate Attractions” is the one that first drew me into this band’s work and it offers something new and impressive with every play. The metaphorical chorus “the barrel of another loaded gun shooting up the city just because It’s the only way you’ve ever seen it done or it’s everything that’s running in your blood” is probably my favorite set of lyrics in the whole work and is a nod to the careful and concise writing abilities of McRae and Richotte. 

Nearing the end, “All-American Guts” delivers this irresistible, fuzzy guitar work that feels super Troggs inspired and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t found myself dancing like an idiot to this one and screaming out the lyrics “I’ll try anything once, I’ll try everything once” in my bedroom at night. With an ultra tight guitar section around the 2:50 mark that carries the piece to a clean finish, this song is packed to the brim with energy and is definitely a good one to check out with earbuds so you don’t miss a thing. “The Way” closes things off on this 5 track EP and offers straight up sexy contrast with a spanking backbeat. The vocals cut like butter in “The Way” and the solo around the 1:20 mark overlapped by the soft and delicate voice that murmur the words “it’s all we’ve ever known to be the way” kills me. 

What a breath of fresh air this album is from the pile of over done, too-much-reverb type tracks that seem to be all that’s coming out as of late. The sound of this duo keeps me digging for others who fit in the same pocket, but no one does it quite like More. 

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