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new song saturday: nobody loves you

Nostalgic, heart-wrenching, and of course, melancholic–three things that instantly come to mind while listening to the new track “Nobody Loves You” from Connecticut-based group Similar Kind. While displaying the ultimate alt-pop ratio with the model of 80s new-wave inspiration, it’s the ideal tune for anyone that needs aching lyricism that relates to the feelings of releasing a relationship–especially in 2020. 

With two years under their belt as a group, Similar Kind has been able to expand into something exponential that usually takes bands beyond just a few years. Having roots within their Connecticut DIY community has allowed the group to expand in diversity within their sound. Similar Kind consists of Ben McNamara on guitar, Evan Murphy on keys, Miles Dominici with Drums, Nate Porter on Bass, and lastly Julia Breen on vocals. 

“Nobody Loves You” is a short three-minute track that swiftly starts with the help of glistened synths and melodic guitar lines that reminisce on the same upbeat texture you would find in The Cure’s most popular tracks such as “Just Like Heaven” or “In Between Days,” yet the track still presents a brighter contrast to what the band brings to the table with bitter-sweet emotion. Julia then introduces the chorus of the song, “Nobody loves you like I do, nobody sees what’s going on” that allows the track to take a course that is somber but still moves with the pop elements that allows the tune to gleam.

As it proceeds along into the bridge, it builds into a thunderous motion from the intimate pace of drum lines to lush indie-pop guitar fills that satisfy any modern alt-DIY craving. Coming full circle to a message that leaves you sorrowful yet cheerful, it’s an intoxicating three-minute track that you can’t help but repeat right as the song diminishes towards the end. You perceive both the misery and the liberation of knowing that nothing lasts forever, but that’s exactly what Similar Kind aims for us to feel. 

You can listen to “Nobody Loves You” below: 

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