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new song saturday: operator

Los Angeles band The Haunts have done it again with the release of their fifth single “Operator.” The Haunts–comprised of Max Collier on vocals, Alanna Swadlow on drums and Aaron Brotman on guitar–fuse together a bunch of Southern California sounds to create their own special breed of surf-garage rock that fans can’t get enough of. “Operator” is another great track in the band’s already impressive discography.

The intro of the track is very old school beach rock. Brotman’s surf punk style really shines through on the chord progression, really sticking to the “less members, more sound” mentality of the band. Swadlow’s drumming keeps up the fast-paced beat and adds a lot to the overall retro vibe of the song. This song is a lot less sing-songy than many of the other songs released by The Haunts, and Collier’s voice is haunting and a lot deeper. It creates a kind of suspense and tension in the song. 

The bridge of the song gets a little western and brings back the dancey qualities we know and love from The Haunts. I can imagine jumping around in the pit to this song once we’re finally allowed to go back to shows–but for now I’ll be listening to this song on long drives down the coast and let it take me back in time. The funny thing about this song is that leaves me wanting more, maybe a new single or even an album? I think that’s one thing The Haunts does best, with every song they’ve released I’m always left wanting more and each release keeps getting better and better.

Listen to “Operator” here:

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