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music video review: sounds like fun by BLACKSTARKIDS

A few sensations always seem to strike while you’re attending a house show that’s thrown by a local band in a crowded, yet compacted backyard–one: the rage to mosh like hell in a crowd filled with young adults who are just as eager to let loose and two: an undeniable feeling that you’re exactly where you need to be. BLACKSTARKIDS have released an all-new music video for “Sounds Like Fun” that perfectly displays these emotions with simplicity and vibrant details that allow our imagination to run wild. 

Off their record Surf which was released earlier this year on Dirty Hit Records, BLACKSTARKIDS perfectly capture the chaotic energy any of us might feel while attending a small show that’s set in the suburbs. The surf-pop trio from Kansas City skillfully intertwines jangly guitars with a plethora of inspired sounds from hip-hop vocal lines to a garage-rock tonality, vocalizing BLACKSTARKIDS’ intentions to proceed without limitations in their overall aesthetic.

“Sounds Like Fun” begins with lively animated text and jumbled camera work which focus on the trio who are enthralled with jamming around the room as they mosh through the house that’s filled with friends. As strobe lights flash throughout the room they perform in, it captures the attitude of the first day of summer we might celebrate while hitting a show (pre-pandemic times of course). It brings back a nostalgic feel of roaming free–regardless of whether it’s in a sweaty packed room or at a festival filled with fans on a patched-up lawn. 

This might just be the indie-pop track we need to make it through the year as BLACKSTARKIDS allows us to feel a sense of unity in a time where it seems scarce for our state of the world.

You can watch the music video for “Sounds Like Fun” here:

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