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new song saturday: todesengel

SoCal rock group Verum–formerly Fockstail–just released their first single under their new name titled “Todesengel.” This single is the first track from the group since the release of their EP Sling in 2019. “Todesengel,” which translates from German to “Angel of Death,” shows us a new sound for Verum–leaving fans excited to hear more. Released on September 1st, it symbolically coincides with the anniversary of World War II in order to emphasize the historical themes in the track itself.

The track opens on an almost unsettling riff before bursting to life with distorted guitars and whining synths. With clear inspiration from artists like Queens of the Stone Age, there’s a mysteriousness tied into the overall edgy feel of the track. The verses consist of singer Darren Kaiser basically rapping, with a sound reminiscent of the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine. 

The chorus slows into a heavy, head-banging beat with even more distortion and a hard rock feel. The middle of the track drifts into a chaotic interlude of improvised drums and whirring synth sounds before dropping back into the same heavy beat from before. This track leaves fans wondering what new sounds Verum has in store for future releases–and we know they won’t disappoint.

Listen to “Todesengel” here:

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