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new song saturday: joyrider

It’s hard to find joy in chaos, but that’s exactly what Petite League does with their newest single, “Joyrider.” In the song, vocalist Lorenzo Cook embraces the madness of this summer, singing about “setting cop cars on fire in Brooklyn” and “jumping through the flames again.”

“Joyrider” is the title track from the band’s upcoming album. Fittingly, on the day the single was released, the band donated the funds raised on Bandcamp to various charity groups in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Throughout the track, Cook finds solace in the ongoing chaos. “Found peace in a joyride / no tears in the wind to cry,” he sings. He even begins to romanticize the situation and dives headfirst into recklessness: “I wanna feel the end of the world.” It’s a strangely optimistic and flexible viewpoint to have, but it’s Petite League’s own way of looking back at the past few months through rose-colored glasses. “I hope it helps conclude the fucked up summer we all just had,” the band noted in an Instagram post.

Sung in Petite League’s signature lo-fi style, these lyrics lie juxtaposed against a nostalgic-feeling guitar melody. Although it doesn’t sonically deviate much from the band’s previous releases, it’s such a lovable and relatable track. “Joyrider” sounds like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie about this summer — a movie I’d kill to see.

Listen to “Joyrider” here:

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