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new song saturday: after midnight

Meet Nashville-based rock trio, The Brummies, who just released their new single “After Midnight.” The band’s self-described style is a mix of psych-rock from the sixties and indie-folk of the nineties. This song is no exception. Its upbeat and far-out sound makes listeners imagine themselves at the 70s throwback night at a roller rink. 

The Brummies debuted as a band with their album, Eternal Reach, in 2018 and have released singles in the following years. This 3-minute tune begins by subtly building into pounding drums and a funky guitar that perfectly fits the band’s signature retro feel. Even the lyric video, which was released shortly after the single, gives off the same energy with a disco ball always in view, reflected light bouncing off the walls, and the words typed up in a groovy, 70s-style font. 

The lyrics make me think of nighttime adventures out on the town, something I’m sure many of us are missing right now. This feeling matches the styles of indie rock groups like Hippo Campus and Colony House. It makes you want to get on a table and dance or go out to run in the rain. “After Midnight” captures that sense of feeling like you’re the star of a teen movie. 

Listen to “After Midnight” here:

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