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new song saturday: head in the dash

Midwest Delusions’ latest single “Head In The Dash” out as of September 16th, 2020 offers a side of this band we’ve never seen before in a totally bouncing track. The initial opening makes me feel like I’m walking in slow motion until the vocals come in and hit us with an unexpected up-tuned set of ultra mixed lyrics. I usually don’t love these sort of super apparent effects, but in this song it works–especially because it does a little hand off to sultry and deep unedited vocals right after that almost hits you in a whisper. This strategic vocal effect is not something we’ve seen anywhere else in Midwest Delusions’ discography before and this song debuts this new styling in a head-bobbing and exciting way. 

It’s a super nice juxtaposition right as we get into the real meat of the piece that fills the sonic space really nicely, not leaving any blank spaces and keeping the song super three dimensional. “I know you don’t have any time for me, you say ‘let me be, baby” becomes a place we can come back to at any point in the song and I love that the sets of lyrics add layers to an already catchy and rolling track, making it feel like a two piece conversation. 

The backbeat stays steady throughout until the very end where the short outro comes out of nowhere offering up one last surprise. All in all, in just two minutes, this short track serves up big energy that makes it a definite strong point in Midwest Delusions’ library and I can’t wait to hear more.

Listen to “Head in the Dash” here:

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