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ep review: how we babel, oh! how we babel!

Fading into a curious hook, San Diego based Leon Canoe’s EP How We Babel, Oh! How We Babel! makes you want to get up and dance. Starting off with “Can You Feel My Thunder?” you immediately know you are in for a treat from the start of this EP. 

The first song, “Can You Feel My Thunder?” gives a tasteful hint of what you are about to hear, and encompasses Leon Canoe’s overall vibe effortlessly. From the whimsical intro to the hooking guitar lick following, the overall dynamics of the song is superb. Next up is “Demons,” my personal favorite. Starting off with a simplistic yet intriguing tempo and guitar lick, the vocals come in and without missing a beat you are sucked into the groove almost immediately. The impeccable dynamics continue throughout this song and the rest of the EP, which makes these six songs never get old. Dropping their upbeat tempo for the intro of “On a Video,” this re-release strips back to the basics in the verses, all while containing and maintaining the same feel of the previous songs. A busy yet perfect bridge breaks down into a lift-off countdown, smoothly transitioning into the end of the song and eventually fading out. 

At the halfway mark you’ll hear “Ghost,” having an opposite effect of the previous songs–an upbeat intro with a dialed back body of the song. To me, this is a song to blast when you’re feeling like you’re running a never ending race. It’s the perfect tune to escape reality, and with the appropriate vibes to do so. Lyrics of “Oh my god, oh my god. You love me” carry the song out along with a quick shred of the guitar, then once again dials back for an ever so fitting low-profile outro. The second re-release of the EP, “Shane,” grabs your attention by the crunchy upbeat guitar in the intro and with an exciting groove continuing throughout the song. My favorite lyric of the record is in this track, “This life made me something, this life made me something, I know, I know.” I believe this lyrics tugs at the fact that we are all destined to do amazing things in life, we just have to find our own niche in this crazy place we call Earth. Following yet another perfect whirlwind of an outro, “The Agathist” begins. The best end possible to this impeccable EP, the song encompasses the entire groove that the listener has experienced the last thirty minutes. Just like the title, I believe this last track does adhere to the doctrine that all things tend toward ultimate good. 

Leon Canoe did an incredible job on this EP, taking the listener on a groovy ride to discover themselves with many lyrics they can relate to. If you’re ready to experience some great music, definitely check this EP out.

Listen to How We Babel, Oh! How We Babel! here:

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