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music video review: twentyfold by chloe gallardo

Equal parts lush and mystical, Chloe Gallardo has released a new indie-pop track that smooths over like butter. You can’t help but visualize yourself in the middle of a damp forest while striding through the misty air as the track plays at a fluctuating volume through your headphones. This visual is something Gallardo has brought to life within her newest video and track “Twentyfold” and it’s one we can expect to add onto the perfect Fall playlist. 

Chloe Gallardo’s newest music video for “Twentyfold” showcases the natural eerie yet graceful approach within her musical composition. The video structures the very essence of Gallardo’s whispered tone, as she frolics into the murky forest and sets the precise mood of the dreamy indie-pop track. The song resonates a hushed tone similar to artists such as Men I Trust and Frankie Cosmos, with smooth guitar and funky bass lines you would hear from artists like Girl Ultra. 

The track and video start off in an ethereal setting as the guitar riff carries a shimmering exterior that allows you to forget the hard-hitting lyricism beneath. Starting the chorus with, “I’m rolling over, I’m letting you in. Running for cover under my own skin. Well, I don’t like it that much anyway. I hate that I’m still wide awake, and I feel sane.” 

Exuding a craving to allow someone to finally enter her life, she finally caves and lets them in–while hidden under a white sheet in the forest, of course. A video that replicates the blissful emotions one might feel while driving along the West Coast, and we’re ready to take the ride. 

Watch the video for “Twentyfold” here: 


Listen to “Twentyfold” here:

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