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new song saturday: desperate invasion

What the California scene needs more than anything is the smack in the face delivered by Rain on Fridays angst mixed with the jaw hammering shout for more. Unlike most songs about harsh breakups (and boys having a girl to simp over them), Rain on Fridays’ new single “Desperate Invasion” shines a bright light onto women who are intent on standing their ground. This is the guarantee the California music scene should be banking on now, especially in the light of the gross misogyny to come to light in the scene recently. Rain On Fridays delivers a huge down payment on freedom from an abusive relationship from a woman’s perspective. The single describes what any teenager expressing their rebellion and confusion might feel from a uniquely female point of view–pulling no punches.  

“Desperate Invasion” is flush with the currency of teenage punk–hard driving toms, driving rhythmic bass and screaming guitars. The mixture of Jess’ skate punk tone and Madison’s unique vocal raspy tones make this single a gift. Madison stands in the shadows of Gwen Stefani’s debut ‘No Doubt’ as a unique and gifted vocalist. Think Debbie Harry meets Joan Jett. She shows that punk rock is not a boy’s club and gives Rain on Fridays the shot at glory they deserve. Here’s the good news, listen to Rain on Friday’s new single and get on with making inclusive punk music.

Listen to “Desperate Invasion” here:

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