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music video review: wolfie by big fun

Big Fun–if you haven’t heard of them, get with it. I listen to this band on the daily; my friends and I are constantly blast their latest album Happy Scary and specifically the song “Rubber Band” that you can find on YouTube in their live session with North Dwarf Records (seriously, check it out, these guys are amazing). How they have not blown out of the local SoCal scene is beyond me, they are so unique from anything you can find both as musicians and performers.

Today, they blew me and their listeners away with their music video for the song “Wolfie,” which is off their Happy Scary album. Just as the song never allows your attention to drift, the new music video is full of constant reminders why this band is so special and interesting. With a heavy 80s-esque style, the trio filmed a green screen video that makes the viewer feel like they should be sitting on their couch watching it on MTV through an old CRT television. It contains an ensemble of complete madness; video game characters, the bassist (who goes by “Beef” on stage) dressed up as a werewolf, haunting masks, vivid 80s imagery, and a fantastic song that deserved every drop of the visual representation. The only difference with this music video and the 80s-esque feeling that it gives, is that the song contained in it is better than anything you can find from the 80s.

If that’s not enough to convince you to check this video out, along with their entire discography, then it’s your loss; you’re missing out on one of the best bands around. Watch the music video here:

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