new song saturday: makeup by rudy

At least we know one good thing has come out of quarantine: Rudy and their bubbly new take on the pop genre. As a result of a songwriting challenge created for the friends to keep in contact even when living on opposite coasts, their music has not failed to capture that comforting, bedroom pop aesthetic. Their first song, “Reeboks,” was released in March of this year. More recently, Rudy has followed up by dropping their second single, “Makeup.” 

This song sits right alongside the lofi bop “Airplane Mode” by Limbo and the wacky classic “Two Time” by Jack Stauber; upbeat melodies met with lyrics that hit a little too close to home. At its core, “Makeup” is about getting ready only to stay inside the house by yourself. Two of my favorite lines read, “My cat doesn’t care if I get the words wrong,” and, “Tomorrow is somehow yesterday now,” capturing the familiar feelings we are hit with nowadays. Layers of synth and bass make this song perfect to put you in a good mood before beginning your day; whether that is stepping out your door or just moving from your bed to behind the computer. Either way, the song’s peppy and catchy sound will add a bit of Rudy’s dreamlike vibe to your quarantine routine. 

Listen to “Makeup” here:

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