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music video review: sabotage by jawny

JAWNY’s music video for “Sabotage” takes you on a wild ride. “Sabotage,” with lyrics speaking of losing a relationship and embodying true defeat, still has an upbeat vibe with a video to match.  

Starting off as witnesses in front of their van covered in beliefs, JAWNY begins to preach his words of reminiscence of his past relationship, and solve the mystery of why this person left.  The words “End is Near” printed on the van are highlighted, just as the lyrics “She let me out for recess, then locked the door” are performed. After getting into the van and a quick outfit change, the three guys go on a ride rocking out to their new song, and trust me, you’ll find yourself singing along and dancing with them in no time.  Upon entering a car wash, the trio reaches a trippy awakening, symbolized by their van coming out of the wash “clean” of the words that covered it moments before.  

JAWNY and his team did an incredible job of creating the best type of music video–the one you want to watch over and over again. 

Check out “Sabotage” below:

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