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music video premiere: earl greyson by acres even

Los Angeles indie rock group Acres Even’s new music video for “Earl Greyson” is a fun, whimsical display of the band’s personality. Their latest single “Earl Greyson” came following the release of their debut EP Rose Gold in Fall of 2020.

The track carries a breezy vibe with dynamic guitars and drums that are reminiscent of your favorite surf rock bands. The catchy melody and overall bright feel of the song is contrasted by singer Ben Burr’s deeper vocals—rounding out the sound. It is filled with layers of instrumentals and vocal harmonies, packing a punch in such a short song coming in at only a minute and a half. 

The music video captures the members’ quirky and fun dynamic as they switch between different scenes and scenarios on a simple set. It showcases personality in a way that builds a connection between the viewer and the band—making the members more personable to fans who may not know them personally. The scenes switch constantly between the classic band set up, a dinner table, an office, a cooking show, and more, keeping the video fun and interesting to match the sonic qualities of “Earl Greyson.” The video ends with a sitcom-style credits reel—the perfect ending to the theatrical masterpiece.

Watch the new music video for “Earl Greyson” early exclusively on ALTANGELES:

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