new song saturday: nervous joke/sweet talk

Sweet Talk’s debut single “Nervous Joke / Sweet Talk” captures both an angsty and romantic feeling in two melodic and punk-inspired tracks. Sweet Talk is the new project of L.A. musician Joseph Melendez, formerly of Thee Azmatics. With lyrical storytelling and a range of musical influences, these two new tracks show that Sweet Talk is going to be a great new addition to the scene.

“Nervous Joke” begins with a strong rhythm section and floating vocals, reminiscent of post-punk icons like The Cure. The song eventually breaks into distorted guitars, especially in the chorus as Melendez repeats “Together forever, no we won’t.” The outro brings the energy down by trading distortion and drums for soft acoustic guitar and synth, carrying more of a romantic feel and preparing for the next track “Sweet Talk.”

“Sweet Talk” starts off strong with isolated vocals and a gritty guitar sound, showing Melendez’s punk rock roots. The chorus opens up the full band sound; it’s upbeat but still gives off a sort of melancholy feeling. The emotion of the chorus is best described as reminiscent and maybe regretful of things that happened–or perhaps didn’t happen–in a past relationship. This feeling is only heightened during the cathartic guitar solo as everything slows down and the words “you could have been all alone” are echoed throughout the outro.

Both “Nervous Joke” and “Sweet Talk” show Sweet Talk’s dynamic musicianship and give listeners a great first impression, leaving us excited to see what’s next for this new project.

Listen to “Nervous Joke” and “Sweet Talk” here:

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