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premiere: visual diaries by hause plants

Dream pop artist Hause Plants has released his new single “Visual Diaries” along with a DIY music video via lo-fi pop label BIRTHDIY. This new track from the project of Lisbon-based musician Guilherme Correia carries both a shoegazey, post-punk grit and a dreamlike bedroom pop sound. It feels like an open invitation to get up and dance, you can’t help but tap your feet along to the beat.

The DIY music video shares the same upbeat feeling, with a collection of home video-style clips that match the breezy feel of the music–quite literally a visual diary. “Visual Diaries” definitely radiates the same surfy, carefree vibe found in music from Southern California even though Correia is creating music across an ocean. For fans of surf pop artists like Beach Fossils and Day Wave, Hause Plants is bound to be your new favorite band.

Watch the music video for “Visual Diaries” below:

Listen to “Visual Diaries” here:

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