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album review: what we have now by borito

Imagine yourself at the beach on a warm summer evening, dancing the night away. Every song fits the setting perfectly;  you feel like you are in a movie.  Borito’s new album, What We Have Now, is the soundtrack to that movie and the album I have been listening to nonstop.  

From the first song, “Song for Dawn,” Borito sends you into a daydream state, with their guitar lines flowing throughout the entire album like a 9-song puzzle perfectly put together.  The four-piece band from Tel Aviv, Israel stays true to their sound in this new album, while still giving the audience something new to listen to.  Their lyrics never fail to hit home, from “I don’t say how I feel, just let the tears reveal” to “I don’t want to grow up, learn how to be on my own” in “Child”–track number five on the album. 

What We Have Now’s dynamics hit the spot, each song gracefully leading to the next.  You can feel the emotion through both the lyrics and instrumentals, the band as a whole fitting together seamlessly.  The last track on the album, “Arcade,” cutting back to just vocals and guitar, is the flawless ending we didn’t know we needed.  

In today’s age of streaming, listening to newly released albums from the beginning to the end is rare for many listeners.  Borito’s new album is a must-listen from start to finish.  If you don’t already have a summer playlist, keep What We Have Now by Borito on repeat all day every day.  Seriously, it’s that good.  

Listen to What We Have Now by Borito here:

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