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interview: boys cruise

Vermont-based jangle pop group boys cruise just released “Room for Reason”–the first single from their upcoming self-titled album. I had to chance to chat with the band about their new music, the range of influences, and what they’ve been listening to lately!


How did you meet and form boys cruise?

Jack: Johnny and I met freshman year at the University of Vermont and we pretty much started boys cruise right away. Since the band started there have been a few lineup changes, but Johnny and I have been the constant thread. Sammy Josh and I grew up together in North Carolina and are in a band called Pons, so he was the obvious choice when we were looking for a new boys cruise member.


Your sound is very unique and seems to come from a large range of influences, are there any particular artists that influence your sound the most?

When we were writing this upcoming batch of songs we were listening to a lot of Flipper’s Guitar and doo-wop groups like The Ronettes. Our vision was to combine that kind of sweet, super melodic music with really overblown garage rock. Coachwhips was a big influence there. We’re definitely working with a different set of influences now compared to when we made Jerry.


What is the inspiration behind your latest single “Room for Reason”?

I wrote ‘Room for Reason’ when I fell terribly ill with a 102 fever. I was bedridden and delusional and longed very deeply for peace. The song came from that feeling of being trapped in your mind palace. Lyrically, it’s mostly an exploration of a lot of the weirdness and drama going on in my personal relationships at the time.


Tell us a bit about your upcoming music! What was the writing process like? How would you describe it?

Johnny and I would trade songs and ideas back and forth all the time and keep Sammy Josh updated on the material, which was super easy because we all live together. It was just a cycle of fleshing these ideas out on live instruments and constantly rewriting parts to fit our understanding of the aesthetic we were going for, which got more and more focused throughout the whole writing and recording process. When we added Sammy Josh on second guitar, it really just took the album to an entirely new level in terms of melody. Our former drummer actually quit boys cruise one week before we were supposed to go into the studio due to the immense pressure the situation. I ended up recording all of the drum parts myself, but it created a really open minded atmosphere in the studio that allowed us to get more experimental.


What’s your favorite song on the album?

Whichever one is currently playing.


What have you been up to over the past year during the pandemic?

We have been completely consumed by our work, not much time for anything else.


Describe boys cruise in one word.



Who would you love to open for on a nationwide tour?

The Go-Go’s (unanimous decision).


If boys cruise decided to become a cover band, what band would you cover and what would you call the band?

The Rolling Stones and call the band Blues Cruise.


What artists or albums have you been listening to lately?

Johnny: Brian Eno – Evening Star.

Jack: Bleu Nuit – Le Jardin des Mémoires.

Sammy Josh: Dirt Buyer – Dirt Buyer.


Anything else you want new fans to know?

boys cruise is looking for some sort of little league team to sponsor and/or manage. We want to take the team to the top and spread the reach of the boys cruise empire. So, if anyone is interested please contact us.


Check out boys cruise on Instagram and listen to their latest single “Room for Reason” here:

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