Keep the Scene Safe

Keep The Scene Safe!

We stand with these survivors and will do our part to continue making the scene safe for everyone of all identities. We are here to support survivors 100%. We always want our shows and events to be a safe place for everyone. Our DMs are always open and we encourage anyone to let us know if we are supporting any bands, artists, labels, etc. with allegations. We will always believe survivors.

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Joey Armstrong dated Lydia Night when he was 22 and she was 16.

Lydia’s StatementJoey’s Statement

Burger Records

Multiple allegations about label executives and bands signed to the label being predatory, and grooming and sexually assaulting underage girls. Bands and other people accused include Part Time, Love Cop, Gnar Tapes, nobunny, Gap Dream, Death Hymn, Dead Ghosts, Cosmonauts, Warren Thomas, Magic Jake, Audacity, The Black Lips, and Santoros. There have also been similar allegations against Lolipop Records.

The label has since dissolved.

All Statements

Lolipop Records

Multiple allegations about label executives and bands signed to the label being predatory, and sexually assaulting girls and women.

All Statements

The Buttertones

Multiple accounts of predatory behavior and sexual assault by all members of the band.

Cherry Glazerr’s Statement – The Buttertones statement was deleted.

The Growlers

Multiple accounts of all the members being predatory towards underage girls.

Survivor Statements HighlightGrowlers Statement

Ariel View

Harmonie Martinez sexually coerced, raped, and gaslighted her ex-girlfriends.

Survivor’s StatementAriel View’s Statement

The High Curbs

Bassist Andrew was accused of rape and their manager Alec messaged the victim and downplayed her experience and is a rape apologist.

Andrew is no longer in the band and Alec is no longer associated with the band.

Survivor’s StatementThe High Curbs Statement

OC Hurricanes

Roach Sanchez was accused of raping an 18-year-old while she was intoxicated.

UPDATE 2021: The band has removed Roach from the band and cut all personal and professional ties with him.

Survivor’s StatementRoach’s Statement

No Parents

Zoe Lambert was predatory and emotionally and mentally abusive to underage girls.

The group has since disbanded.

Zoe’s Statement followed by Survivor’s Statement

Spendtime Palace

Elijah Chavis was accused of rape. He has since been removed from the band.

The Frights

Mikey Carnevale had a sexual encounter with an underage fan.

Claire’s StatementMikey and Claire’s Joint Statement

The Grinns

Joey was predatory towards a 14-year-old girl at a show.

Survivor’s Statement was deleted on Instagram – The Grinns Statement

Ignant Benches

Guitarist Andy was accused of sexual assault and drummer Mauro was aware of the situation.

Singer Anson has removed both from the band.

Ignant Benches Statement