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SWMRS are riding high on an insurgent wave of popularity after the release of their sophomore album Berkeley’s On Fire earlier this year. Amidst the frenzy of promoting the album, the band has thrown in a few stripped back, intimate shows amongst their tour dates this year. They’ve teamed up with VEVO to capture the spirit of these live shows in the exclusive VEVO Originals series, premiering performances of “April In Houston” and “Too Much Coffee.” Both tracks are imperative to grounding the album in their punk edge and bringing the listener to a place of familiar experiences. The videos focus on the energy and emotion of the music, placing the band amongst a clean, white set and allowing the guys to do what they do best.

The performance of “April In Houston” captures attention with Cole Becker’s emotive drawl, creating a narrative not only in the lyrics but in his voice. The front man performs with his whole body as he sings the chorus “everybody wants to get me high, but where will they go when I’m low,” he allows himself to get carried away, rising and falling with the lyrics. “Too Much Coffee,” gives Max Becker the chance to showcase his songwriting, opening with a wistful earworm of a guitar riff and permitting the singer to tell his personal story through an uplifting tune. The whole band joins in for the chorus, mimicking how it feels to be in the audience for these stripped back shows. The camera work in this performance gives each member appropriate attention, as if the viewer were present, taking in each aspect of the show one at a time. A SWMRS live show is an immersive experience that the videos successfully convey through concentrated attention.

The Los Angeles area will have the opportunity to witness SWMRS’ sold out live show on May 3rd at the Belasco Theater. Keep your eyes peeled for available tickets because these videos only show a fraction of the band’s showmanship. If you haven’t already, read our album review of Berkeley’s On Fire, and check out these new videos:

“April in Houston” by SWMRS:

“Too Much Coffee” by SWMRS:

Videos via SWMRS and VEVO

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